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9/8 Burragah Way

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Starting her career with a Certificate IV in hospitality supervision, Natalie Huggins made the move to real estate after a fateful position as a receptionist in sales administration. Recognising her hard work and natural aptitude for the field, her employees offered Natalie to complete her Cert IV in property services. Enthusiastically taking on the opportunity, Natalie has found herself assisting the property management department ever since, for a total of 4 years and running.

Always up for a challenge, Natalie is an avid traveller, having moved away to Canada for two and a half years. Returning home and back to property management assistance, Natalie loves the different challenges each day brings, as well as the great team environment that keeps her in good spirits. Known for her friendliness and great communication, Natalie loves meeting new people on her worldly explorations and on the job.

As an important point of contact for clients, Natalie’s positive personality never falters even if she were to find herself on the receiving end of unhappy or unpredictable phone calls. Her willingness to go the extra mile, along with her empathy and understanding, allow her to work together with clients and turn around a stressful situation. Her strive to make others happy cements Natalie as a valuable member of her team.

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