Growing some of WAs most successful Agents.

Jeanette Bates
A good leader is someone that can inspire others to follow on their journey. A great leader shows them the way.

In the Northern Coastal suburbs of Perth, there is just that leader, within the real estate world who is stepping out, putting her team in the forefront to grow their careers into some of WA’s most successful Agents.

In the past 12 months, the Realmark North Coastal office has seen landmark results in real estate. Taking out numerous accolades at an office, Agent and support level, showcasing the true leadership that is within the office.

Speaking with Principal and licensee Jeanette Bates on their results she forecasts that this is just the beginning. “In the North Coastal office, I have made the conscious decision to focus on the growth and development of the team, stepping away from the ‘traditional’ selling principal and move into the leadership role that I feel is required for the team to thrive. I want to be the sounding board and aid the steering whenever necessary allowing the agent to flourish. As a team, we focus on individual goals and growth. We don’t just look at the professional milestones, but also the individual’s personal milestones, and find the right stepping stones to get there. From my perspective, it is so important to me that the team feel like they are accomplishing, not only their career goals but also the goals that provide their inspiration to do the job, and do it greatly.

In Realmark North Coastal, we have put into place a mentoring and leadership program with one to one coaching. I invite in external sales coaches and development leaders, to give a new perspective to the team and open our eyes to where we are and how we continue to improve. Our culture is second to none, we all work together and inspire one another. Although real estate can turn into a turf war that is not how we operate. The team will work collaboratively to do what works for the client, brainstorm the solution and even partner up for a second opinion.

Some of our Agents are celebrating their best performing years in real estate. Some 20 years in the industry, some 10, some 3. Each has utilised the tools we have worked on and come out on top.”

“To be a successful mentor in business, it requires a positive, supportive relationship, encouraging people to develop to their fullest potential. Jeanette has shown these attributes by her multi-faceted ability with managing her team. Having been present at a number of her meetings with the team I noticed a degree of formal and informal learnings which are adapted and evolved as the needs of the teams change. She is an exceptional role model, coach, sounding board, voice of reason, counsellor and a trusted resource.” Said Anita Percudani Realmark Group Director and Co-founder.

As a group, Realmark has unlocked a business model with the technology, marketing and support that has made Realmark Agents the most productive in WA. Add to the mix the added spice of culture, mentoring, coaching and training events it is hard to look past how you could not be successful in the Realmark North Coastal office.

If you are looking to make the move to build your career, click the link and speak with North Coastal Director Jeanette Bates and start the journey to your best year today.
Jeanette Bates

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