Jeanette Bates


A great culture grows great leaders.

Jeanette Bates
It is a well-known fact that your surrounds impact what you become, or in the words of Jim Rohn “You're the average of the five people spend the most time with.” When it comes to real estate and growing great practitioners, there is no place quite like, Realmark North Coastal, under the leadership of Director and Licensee, Jeanette Bates.

In her own right, Jeanette is an excelling practitioner of real estate, with 30 years industry knowledge she has successfully managed multiple offices and become the youngest female auctioneer in Western Australia. She has been continually recognised for her commitment to the industry through leadership and mentoring award nominations. She has guided the award-winning Realmark North Coastal team for 25 years and counting, where some of the states top performing Agents, Property Managers and Support team members flourish.

When asked what she believes the ‘secret sauce’ is, Jeanette stated that, “It is about identifying individual goals and aspirations. Where the team want to be in 6-12 months, then the next 3-5 years. What they want to achieve personally and professionally. Then it is my responsibility to help them get there. To do this I work closely on the ground with the team, we brainstorm scenarios, we workshop solutions and I encourage them to find the balance that suits their circumstances. Not everyone can work 24/7, we have families, children, parents to look after. It is about making sure we can find the balance to achieve the goals in the most productive way.

With the team I personally coach and mentor, I also engage with external coaches and bring them into our team meetings to offer a fresh perspective and alternative solutions for the team. We do this every week. A few years ago, I made the conscious decision to step back from the selling Agent/Principal role to ensure I could be there more for the team, and for us, that is where we really began to see the shift.”

Looking into the Realmark North Coastal office, it is clear to see the comradery and strong culture. The team collaborate, they push each other to achieve and hit milestones. In the last 12 months, many of the Agents within the team have achieved their best year in real estate, numerous industry State and National awards including, Master Sales Person, Top Performing Agents, Operational Support, Top office, and Property Management Business of the Year, to name a few.

When you look at the practices, procedures, investment in technology and people that is put in by its leader it is not hard to see why you would be successful at Realmark North Coastal.

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” – Jack Welch. Never were there truer words when looking at the leadership of Jeanette Bates.
Jeanette Bates

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