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Hard work and determination.

Aaron Aaron Green
With any career path you take, you always set out with a goal to accomplish a target, a position or an end result for your professional or personal life.

In real estate you work with people to help them achieve personal milestones, to get a dream home to grow a family, sell their family home to enjoy retirement or an investment to set them up for the future.

A natural Agent, Aaron has worked his way in his career, driving results for his clients. Over the years he has helped hundreds of clients make their move within property to suit their new lifestyle choices. Along the way, he too has accomplished a lot.

As a young Agent entering the real estate arena, Aaron found his niche close to home in the Realmark North Coastal office of Duncraig. Working hard, he received numerous accolades including the REIWA Grand Master Award for 2020.

We caught up with Aaron to see what the awards mean to him and what his buyers and sellers can come to expect.

“To take out any award for your hard work is immensely humbling. It resonates that the extra hours and hard work have accounted for not only doing a great job for my clients but also within the industry and setting a standard that I have set for myself.

Getting into real estate happened by chance and I have honestly loved it ever since. Yes, it’s challenging at times, you are at the mercy of a market that changes with the economy and climate, it can be unpredictable but I think if 2020 have taught us anything, we have to be agile in our approach to move with the times, clients needs and the overall market. There will always be a challenge of some degree, any industry can account for that, but I think the greatest lesson I’ve learned is that people still want to talk to someone about where they want to be, what their aspirations are for their home and place it in the hands of someone that will work with them to deliver results.”

Speaking of the pride held by winners of the REIWA Grand Master Award, Aaron said, “To win the REIWA 2020 Grand Master Award, to me, means that I have delivered results to my clients, I have been on a journey with them to an end result that enables them to upsize to grow their family, downsize to enjoy retirement or invest to secure their future. It is an honour to be apart of it and, for me, that is what it is down to. My family have been huge supporters of what I do and without them, the support of my team and office it would not have been possible. Now the goal is to keep it up.”

Aaron has won countless awards in his career, including, Top Producer, Marketing and Master Sales.
Aaron Aaron Green

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