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Jeanette Bates
Realmark North Coastal is synonymous in the northern suburbs of Perth as a leader in real estate, an integral part of the community and a place that puts its people first.

Over the years, Jeanette Bates, Director, Auctioneer, Mentor, Coach and Licensee, has worked tirelessly to build Realmark North Coastal to what we see today. The team has grown into leaders in their own right whilst the support shown by Jeanette has allowed them to excel.

When starting out in real estate it is important to look for an agency whose values are aligned with your own. It allows both the agent and agency to grow and mature in the same direction and achieve goals and milestones.

“In real estate, it is easy to get carried away by a superficial persona we see in reality tv. Whilst it brings entertainment to the screen, it does not sure the real hard work it takes to be successful.

From the outset, it looks like a few hours here and there at home opens. What you don’t see is the hours of hard labour, negotiations, emotions and life skills it takes to be an agent or property manager that delivers.

Real estate is working collaboratively with our clients, safekeeping their greatest assets into helping them achieve a lifestyle change, aspiration, or financial investment for the future. We get to know them and their journey whilst also getting the honour of being a part of it.

Our team at North Coastal is driven, we are progressive in our thinking, innovative in our technology and brand, ethical and work hard to bring successful outcomes to our clients.” said Jeanette.

“These are the core practices we are known for and what we work on every day to deliver. All of the team members have an important role to play in our success. Each individual lives our values and results in delivering on those values.” added Jeanette

Jeanette has been the epitome of what a leader is. She has used her leadership skills to coach and mentor some of the most successful agents and property managers in WA whilst providing a platform for them to excel. Jeanette has been recognised with multiple awards for her contribution to the real estate industry nationally and by her peers as an outstanding role model in all that she does.

“We work together to bring the best out in each other, to push each other to be the best version of ourselves. We celebrate the wins as a team and review our losses to ensure we learn for the future.

At Realmark North Coastal it is about more than any individual agent or person, it is about recognising each person for their contribution to the success of the team and the results we deliver to our clients, that is a team and that is us in a nutshell.”

If you are looking at exceeding your career in real estate, speak to the leader that has a reputation for growth, support and coaching you to become the best version of yourself in real estate. Click the link to get in touch.
Jeanette Bates

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