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An original 1970 home passed on after 39 years.

North Coastal auction
In property we are met with stories of homes passing through generations, young families starting out, ones who have outgrown to find the next one and ones that are ready to downsize, but not many with the story of 23 Halgania Way in Duncraig.

An original 1970 home, filled with love, laughter and charm, a true love story dating back to 1981.

It was love at first sight when their parents Deirdre and Arthur met in England over 70 years ago. When Arthur had to go overseas, he promised to return one day and they would create a life together.

A promise he kept, for 3 years they wrote to each other daily, every single day without fail. As their love grew, he returned to England, briefly - they married and lived their lives in Uganda, Africa and the Middle East raising their 5 children.

After a brief retirement in England, they visited their adult daughter who was living in Perth and fell in love with Australia, where they emigrated to some 40 years ago.

When they arrived here, Arthur promised to set up a life that they would love, setting out to find the perfect home for the love of his life, and that he did at 23 Halgania Way in Duncraig. Their 4 remaining adult children followed them to live in Australia.

An original 1970 charming home in a quiet suburban street, a short walk to the shops, schools in a safe, family orientated suburb. Only minutes drive to the beach where Deirdre and Arthur would swim in the summer months and enjoy their lovely community.

They filled the home with memories, love and laughter. When you meet the family, you instantly see the love they have, the bond they have created, the love they had for their home. But, as families grow, they create new memories, parents become grandparents, children become parents and they made the decision it was time for a new family to create memories in these much loved walls.

Going to auction on Saturday 17 October, Halgania Way, Duncraig filled with over 50 new prospective buyers, hoping to secure their future in this family focused area.

With 12 bidders registered, Selling Agent Frances Goncalves from Realmark North Coastal, stepped aside to let the Auctioneer and Licensee of Realmark North Coastal Jeanette Bates take the stage and let the bids flood in, and that they did. Thick and fast. Within 10 minutes there were 21 bids placed and the home was sold for $740,000.

The buyer is local to the area, and has bought the property as an investment.

Selling Agent, Frances Goncalves from Realmark North Coastal, said, “the home is a solid home, with original features in the perfect suburban street. The buyer enquiry was instant from the moment it hit the market.

The sellers are a beautiful family, they loved this home and you can really see that when you speak with them and look at the home itself. We decided to let the market dictate the price and go to auction where there is transparency in the process and all bidders can openly see their competition and make their next move.”

Realmark North Coastal, Owner, Licensee and Auctioneer on the day, Jeanette Bates added, “The story of this home is just beautiful! We don’t often get these stories anymore, we feel so honoured to have been a part of the journey with this lovely family and help them in passing it over for new families to make gorgeous memories in.”

The heartfelt approach by the Realmark North Coastal team could not have been more prominent than with the family who said, “Frances and the team, have reassured us on the way, guided us when we have needed it and all the while valuing our special connection to our long term family home. Whilst working so hard to achieve the best possible outcome for us.

The partnership the team at North Coastal have is so complimentary, and has enabled us to complete a weekend of surprises with the most amazing auction! The results of which would have surprised our lovely unassuming parents .

The support of the family, the neighbourhood, community and friends brought together an event that we were not initially looking forward to, but which became a heartwarming experience.

The beauty with auction is we even got to meet and speak with the new owner.

We know that it takes the effort of teamwork to have these successful results, and were delighted to have the Realmark North Coastal team present at the auction.”
North Coastal auction

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